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Oldie But Goodie: Wiley vs Mizerak sticky icon

The Miz and CJ play world class 9 Ball

This is one of the best match videos I have ever seen. The great Miz and CJ both shoot at a world class+ level. World class starts at an Accu-Stat score of 850. Both players here shoot well over 900. It is a great match to watch and is commentated by Billy Incardona and Buddy Hall. 

1-Pocket Match (Bartram & Deuel) sticky icon

Chris & Corey match up

There is no commentary in this 1-pocket match between Chris Bartram and Corey Deuel, just pure one-hole. Can you find situations where you would have picked a different shot?

John Schmidt vs Shawn Putnam

John Schmidt and Shawn Putnam face-off in this 10 Ball match at the Super Billiards Expo.

Francisco Bustamante vs. Alex Pagulayan

This match between

Imran Majid vs Alex Lely

England's # 1