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Live Stream vs. DVD Pool Matches

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon watching a free live stream of a pool match (one-pocket) between Tony Chohan and Charlie (Hillbilly) Bryant. They are both fine players and I pick Tony as a favorite. I think Tony agrees, as Charlie is mostly known as a strong 9-Ball and 10-Ball player. As the match progresses, I find myself surprised by Charlie’s well conceived and creative moves and an unconventional break that worked out well. Tony seems a bit surprised also and a little off-balance… his confidence seems shaken by this and by the score: 1 – 2 in favor of Charlie. Numerous times during the match I wanted to replay a shot. A feature that is not available during a live stream (it is live, after all). This got me thinking: live stream vs. a DVD of a previous match. Both have pros and cons. Here’s my list: Pros for Live Stream:

  • Get to see the action as it happens
  • Can keep up on your favorite pro pool players
  • Makes side-betting possible
  • Some Live Streams have chat for the viewers (nice to be able to comment on a shot or hear what someone else thinks

Cons for Live Stream:

  • Picture quality can be sort of marginal with a crisp image only at a small window size
  • Sometimes the image stalls (maybe it's my connection)
  • Apparently the crew can decide to change matches mid-stream (pun intended) (The camera crew turned away from the match I was watching before it was over)
  • Don't always have time to watch at the time of the live match

Pros for DVDs:

  • Picture quality is usually great
  • Allows watching the match multiple times and replay shots that interest you
  • Can pause the action to try a shot you just saw (or get yourself a beer)
  • Can pick only matches that you know are worth watching or that have commentators that you like
  • Well played (Accu-Stats has a rating system that works well to judge this)

Cons for DVDs:

  • A little pricey (PPV live streams for a day can cost less than 1 DVD match)
  • You will generally know the outcome before watching

I guess the bottom-line is that both have their place. For live streaming pool matches and DVD's and some other great stuff, check out (be sure to add PoolBum to your favorites before you leave!):

The Action Report is an expertly presented great concept that allows everyone to get a ringside seat for winner take all "tournaments" with 2 well known players. Watch big money matches in your PJ's!

Also the International Pool Tour has some live stream events and DVD's of past matches.

Accu-Stats Video Productions is the Granddaddy of recorded matches. An amazing collection of One-Pocket, 14.1 Straight Pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 3 Cushion Billiards and Bank Pool from tournaments dating back to the 1960's. Most are from the 90's till present. Also, a selection of instructional and specialty collections like bloopers and amazing and fantastic moments that we all wish we had witnessed (like Efren's "Z" kick to beat Earl). As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Pat Flemming (founder of Accu-Stats and developer of the rating system that started it all). He's done so much to make great pool accessible. There's a lot that can be learned from watching champions in action with expert commentary.

You can also find some imbedded videos of pool and billiards matches and other pool stuff right here at PoolBum!